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The cloud explosion has happened and is expanding. IT pro’s are now spending most of their time managing multiple different cloud solutions from different vendors for different aspects of business.

An example is the cloudification of Network controllers such as Meraki or Ubiquiti. These solutions are both great for customers and IT pro’s as they provide a simple way to manage Network infrastructure at scale. However when it comes to tracking assets, do we really want to manually copy our assets from Unifi or Meraki into our asset management system? In a small network this could be doable, but once you hit that critical mass, it becomes a tedious, error prone task due to humans!

This was the challenge Entag’s Managed Services was experiencing due to expansion in the network management service. Entag’s service desk included an asset management tool for associating incidents against assets. This was under-utilised due to the fact assets weren’t in the system due to the manual process of entering them.

To resolve this problem, I turned to one of the most under-utilised tools, Microsoft Flow, and quickly discovered that I would need to go to Microsoft Flow’s father, Azure Logic Apps. The goal of this Logic App was to get the devices from each Network Management software and do a simple Insert or Update in the Service Desk (Freshservice) asset management system. A simple concept but logically has to be achieved inside the bounds of the API call from each vendor if you want to achieve this without creating your own middleware application with its own database.

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