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Call Routing with Telstra Calling for Office 365

Office 365 Cloud Phone System comes with a couple of options when it comes to call routing, however before we dive into the capability of the call routing, lets first explore what is call routing

Call routing or call distributor is a tool that can route calls to individual agents or queues based on preestablished criteria such as the time of day, menu driven or the number the caller dials for the business.

The options of call routing in Office 365 Phone System are either Call Queues or Auto-attendants, with additional features potentially being released. To achieve the complexity that most businesses require for calling routing, we need to use a combination of nested auto-attendants with call queues.

An Example is Entag’s own call flow, while we are fairly small office, when you start mapping out the call flow requirements we appears to be more complicated then first anticipated. What we leverage nested Auto-attendants along with multiple call queues. We have created a single user mailbox as a company voice-mail which can be used for failover or even allow redirection to another PSTN number as failover.

Call Flow example

The great thing is the system is flexible enough to let create these complex calls flows and enables our communications platform such as running a Managed Services Business using this solution.

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