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Microsoft Intune and Configuration Service Providers

Microsoft Intune is quickly maturing into a very capable Mobile Device Management (MDM) platform and it makes total sense with direction the world is heading with the use of mobile devices in business. Since its rebuild, Microsoft has focused on enabling Intune with the rest of the Microsoft Cloud to enhance the overall capability of Intune but improve the security capability of businesses.

It does this by leveraging the Configuration Service Providers (CSP), which have been built into Windows 10, the great thing about CSP’s is they are uniform thanks to the Open Mobile Alliance which outlines the standards for CSP’s. This means any Mobile Device Management platform in the future will be able to control and manage Windows 10 devices, and any future device from any vendor supporting the Open Mobile Alliance potentially can be controlled by CSP’s.

The CSP works much the same as group policy, while group policy still has more features, Microsoft is making conscience effort to turn CSP’s into the cloud group policy enabling Intune to effectivity manage and configure devices for businesses.

Tree Format of a CSP for Account Configuration

For a list of all the Windows CSP and which versions of Windows 10 they support, Microsoft has released the reference at Microsoft Docs.

The future of Intune is exciting because businesses at all levels are becoming more mobile and with this, comes the want to protect business data and ensure employees are secured from potential cyber attacks.


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