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Deploying Windows 10 Update for Business – Part 1

Gone are the days where Windows updates would be managed by services such as WSUS or 3rd party tools. Instead Microsoft has invested into changing the way windows update by leveraging the new Windows a service model.

Windows as a Service is the new approach to updates where Microsoft would releases features 2 – 3 times a year instead of using the service pack model the community was used too every 2 – 3 years. This rapid change in feature updates means IT pros and businesses need to adjust to the cadence of new features and capabilities being released earlier, but also the impact of a change potentially going wrong.

Windows Update for business at the core enables a business to control their updates from both feature (New stuff) and quality (compatibility + security) while dividing how the updates are deliver in the business, such as early adopters (insiders), standard business and long term servicing. The great thing is its all cloud delivered and desktops are able to share updates using peer to peer connections. No more Cache Servers or WSUS!

On the next Blog post, I’ll discuss my experience with deploying Windows Update for business and some practices I recommend.

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